Opening since 1960, the INDUSTRIAS GERAIS DE PARAFUSOS INGEPAL LTDA., incorporated to their product large technology experiences acquire with the passing of the years.

On their modern factory installations in Franco da Rocha, Logistic Advanced Center and Logistic Base to customer about automotive segment placed at south of Brazil, produce approximately 2500 different items, the company keeps an area of 43.000sf which a built area is 14.000sf. They are yearly boarding 12.000 tons / year of mechanical fasteners and the currently install capacity is 17.000 tons. 

The productivity dedicated for Global Automotive Segment has like a base the follow products: restored bolt, special parts under design, stud, rivet and special parts, cold forged (on diameter from M06 to 30mm and until 300mm of length) and through the warm process (until 48,0mm diameter and 500mm length). The diversity about types of fastener makes the INGEPAL the most important producer of National Automotive Segment supplying the Assembly Companies like Automotive, truck, build tractor and sub-assembly, through of parts destined to applications: power-train, chassis/frame, suspension, brake mechanism, drive shaft / spindle, wheel, etc. 

The INGEPAL team is always involved with the growth, profitability, employee’s well-being and continuous improvement at all the aspects of industrial activity, commercial and distribution; substantial dedication of resources for educational improvement through constant up-dates of knowledge, in partnership with another entities (for example: SENAI); makes culture and refine the Environmental Management System is in tune with the local community. 

The constant search  of continuous improvement on our products persuade the INGEPAL to destine part of value resources in modern equipments which possible give technology innovations on their products offering this form to the Global Automotive Segment and final consumer, quality products, safety and level of competitive prices. 

The quality of INGEPAL products, could be proved by their ample market and levels of Quality for all National Assemblies in, Argentina, USA, Mexico, German, Australia and China. 

INGEPAL: the biggest supplier about Global Automotive Segment for items of critical applications with class of resistance 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9.  

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